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Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land.


There are many reasons that students prefer to study in USA. The United States is the destination of choice for international students from India (and indeed around the World). It is no surprise considering that the US has thousands of accredited colleges and universities renowned for quality, numerous programs of study, and flexibility to change fields of study and schools.

The United States is an affordable destination for students as it offers a wide range of tuition and living costs. Whichever region you choose, you’re sure to find the right campus for you.

USA is a land of opportunities in more ways than one. If you are considering studying for a degree in USA there are options available to enroll on colleges with annual tuition fees as low as INR 9 lakh per annum. In addition Universities and higher education institutions offers means tested scholarship to deserving students.

USA is the home to some of the most popular companies – icons like Coca Cola, Amazon, Nike, Ford Motor, GM to tech giants like Google, Apple, Samsung – studying in the USA means that you are often close to getting placements or internships with some of the biggest and best brands in business. Whatever your field you are sure to find opportunities to work with and learn from the market leaders in that field.

Students find help at hand US universities have special staff assigned for guiding foreign students called International Student Advisers. Students can seek their help as and when if they face any problems. US universities hold arrival orientations for international students to familiarize them with the campus and it facilities and also to help them adjust to their new life in the United States. Students are assigned Counselors with whom they can discuss any issues regarding changing of majors and also to appoint a coach for themselves. Accommodation It is always best to stay on campus. Not only are the basic amenities easily accessible but also on-campus life allows students to gradually integrate into the student community under the guidance of peers and staff. If on campus option is not available then one should look for the home-stays or rented accommodation. Home-stays provide family life and are usually cheaper than on campus accommodation. Depending on your location, home-stays usually cost 800-1000USD a month on single occupancy room basis, including meals. Students who decide to rent an apartment can also get valuable help from the university student association. Money Some universities have their own credit union or other banking services. Before opening an account, find out which banks are near where you would live and study. It may be difficult to open an account from overseas, so take enough money with you to live on until you can open a US account and arrange for funds to be transferred from home. Basic Essentials Getting ready for different destination and living alone should be prepared with basic necessities. As a student you plan accordingly, prepare a list of things which you will need initially. Make sure your baggage should include seasonally and appropriate clothing, insurance documents, medical prescription back up supply and letter from doctor Home Comforts It is a good idea to take a few small mementos of home with you – photos of friends and family will brighten your room and remind you of what you’re temporarily leaving behind. Ensure that you have the right clothes to battle the change of seasons. Mobile Phones When you first arrive, it is expected that you will be calling home frequently. It is essential to check your phone’s compatibility with US mobile operators, as some phones don’t work in the US. With diverse choices of handsets and monthly plans, you can enjoy variety in handsets, operators and competitive costs. Since most prepaid connections require a Social Security card, a prepaid connection is cost effective and a convenient alternative. Internet & Email Access Usually college campus is fully equipped with Wi-Fi. Students do get access in the college campus. But it’s better to have a personal laptop. You can check out the details at your university’s book store.

When it comes to university-level education, North America (including USA & Canada) inspires the academic respect and imagination of the world. Names such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Toronto and McGill have become global education brands.

In the two most influential global university ranking indices (The Times Higher Education Guide and US News), North American universities have a near monopoly on the top 100 places. In addition to the more well-known institutions, the USA & Canada have a plethora of other high quality public and private colleges and universities.

You will find that a US / Canadian higher education adds considerable value to your professional development. It can enhance your career and prepare you for leadership in India or abroad. It will broaden your horizons and expose you to a variety of perspectives, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art research and training. A degree from a US or Canadian institution is a stamp of excellence that is of lifetime value.

There are a number of components in an application for higher studies in USA / Canada – applications forms, test scores, essays, university transcripts and recommendations.  You need to know how to create a compelling application and represent yourself well on paper in order to win an interview and acceptance.

Maximize your chances of admission to the Universities of your choice with Aurainfotech Admissions Guidance Service. Our admission guidance team will review your application to ensure you make the best possible impression on admissions committees. Consulting is available as a stand alone product or as part of a package with classroom coaching.


There are mainly two intakes- Fall (August) and Spring (January)

  • Fall is the major intake as all the university options are open for admission  unlike Spring when certain choices are not available.
  •  Application Deadline- The deadline for submitting the application varies from university to university and course to course. However, it is generally from October to March for Fall intake and for spring intake the deadline is 15 October.

The basic requirements for the application are the LOR, TRANSCRIPT, and FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS when you apply

Application documents-

Students have to apply online both for Bachelors as well as Masters and each University has a different fee.

For Undergraduate:

  • Sealed & stamped 10th, 11th and 12th Official Transcripts from school
  • 2 letter of Recommendations from school teachers.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Certificate of extra-curricular activities & other achievements, if available

For Masters:

  • Official Transcripts from University
  • 2 Academic recommendation and 1 from the employer(if the candidate has any work experience)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Essays,  if required by the University
  • Detailed CV
  • Certificate of extra-curricular activities & other achievements, if available

Living in USA, is a dream come true opportunity for many individuals across the globe people have a perception of the country based on what they have seen in the movies and TV soaps. And in most cases those perceptions are true. Americans do tend to be more informal (and may be on first name basis with the Professors – though its always good to check this before hand). Whilst casual clothing will get you everywhere, be careful to check some high end restaurants have a dress code (that is enforced) and also certain events call for formal dressing.

As a practice, restaurants do not include a service charge in the bill, ideally 10%-15% of the bill is expected as tips. In a change from the home country, taxi drivers in the USA expect to be tipped at 10%-15% of the fare too.

The US follows the date as MM/DD/YY as opposed to the British system that we are used to i.e. DD/MM/YY. So be mindful of this – especially in the first few months when you are downloading class time tables or doing reservations online.

Geography and climate

United States of America enjoys a wide variety of climates and topographies across the country (which is one of the reason why some Americans don’t feel the need to travel outside the USA).

While California, Florida have warmer climes and milder winters, northern cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, Minneapolis have colder weather (snow gear).

The USA also has Daylight Savings Time when clocks are set forward one hour. This is generally on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October. A popular mnemonic to remember this is “Spring Forward, Fall Back”

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